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“A solid project will be found when you have our crew around”

Our lawyers have advised on notable construction projects within and outside of Tanzania. Our involvement in construction projects negotiations and contracting helps clients to avoid disputes, bring clarity of our clients’ intentions in each contract, promote positive relationships, maximize successful results and maintain profitability. We structure, advocate for and defend against complex claims of every type. We mediate, arbitrate, litigate and try cases to achieve outstanding results, again and again. We draft and negotiate the contracts. We close the deals. We provide guidance, training and risk management support throughout the life cycle of projects. In line with serving our clients in this sector, we work hand in hand with Government authorities for the public private partnerships projects. We assist our clients in all aspects of their construction activities including EPC contracts, labour law aspects, joint venture projects, consultancies and service providers contracting & management etc.

Our decades-long experience coupled with our long-term view provides us with an understanding of the industry in its every nuance and many facets. The breadth of our exposure to every issue that affects the industry affords us a singular perspective. We recognize that strong working relationships with other project participants are critical to overall success. Beyond providing a winning legal strategy, we facilitate improved business relationships between our clients and their own clients wherever possible. As industry insiders, we are often well acquainted with those charged with overseeing and regulating the industry and, by having their respect, facilitate critical interchange between our clients and regulators.

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Protection of the brands relating to your business against any infringement.


Trademark Watch

Updates on similar marks that are appearing in the industry and registers that are similar to yours.



Protection over literary and artistic works from unauthorized use.



Patent protection entails that the invention can only be shared with the public upon the consent of the inventor.


Trademark Litigation

Protection of the rights of owner of the IP rights upon infringement at tribunals or court of Law.


Plant Breeder’s Rights

Protection of plants hybrids from those of other varieties.

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